Fire stations: The freeplay modes provide two fire stations which are fully functional.
There is a large regional station and a small sattelite fire station.

When you start a game the alarms of both fire stations are automaticly raised to staff all spawned vehicles with personnel. This makes it easier to begin playing and you don't have to spend valuable time on staffing them yourself. It's possible to park more vehicles in fire station 1 than the amount of vehicles that spawn at the start of a game. The following tables give the layout of the fire stations.

Only vehicles which have the ability to park in a fire station have the 'Go to fire station' command. When a vehicle arrives at the fire station, the crew will leave the vehicle and enter the station. You can staff the vehicles again by pressing the alarm button or use the commands to send a single unit. You will find a control panel near each fire station. Each control panel has a few commands to control the fire stations.

Police station: There is one LAPD station on the freeplaymap and it has several functions. The garage entrance/exit on the back acts as a spawn and exit point for most LAPD vehicles and the LASD Van. When you call one of these vehicles using the menu it will come from the garage.

It is also possible to park various Law Enforcement vehicles at the front of the station and one police helicopter on the roof. These parked cars and the helicopter can be called by police officers and the Battalion Chief as additional backup. When there is no space left for a vehicle to park in front of the building, it will start patroling the city instead.

If a vehicle or helicopter is sent to the station with someone detained inside, they will exit the vehicle, enter the building, and disappear once the vehicle is parked. This means that you no longer have to send the vehicle off of the map to finish objectives. The vehicle also becomes available for backup calls by the chief and other officers.

Hospital: There is also a hospital on the freeplaymap. Just like the police station, the hospital acts as a building to drop off injured patients to complete the objectives. Ambulances can take their patients to the hospital and will try to return to the appropriate fire station. When there is no space at the fire station the ambulance will start a patrol. It's possible to park the air ambulance on the roof of the hospital and have it return there to unload patients. The Battalion Chief and EMS supervisor are able to request it to respond via their menus.