Los Angeles Mod

The Los Angeles Mod is an USA modification for Emergency 3.
It contains new vehicles, missions and much more.

Fire stations, a hospital and a police station have been added to the freeplay map.
The mod also contains 19 new, exciting missions. It is also possible to play the 20 original missions with the mod.

Many new commands are added to the Los Angeles Mod to add more variety and improve gameplay.
V2.5 is the latest version and contains:
- Los Angeles units
- New, detailed models
- 19 new missions
- Fire stations, police station and hospital on the freeplay map
- New sirens
- A special, new siren command
- Ability to connect hoses to certain fire trucks.
- Change clothes/suit. Example: The police officer can get his traffic vest.
- The ability to call arrived vehicles without selecting them.
- Automatic weapons (MP5) and ballistic shields.
- Police motorcycles
- Lightmast. The engineer can install a lightmast which can be rotated.